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edited November 2012 in Ask An HQ Expert
I'm using a cream colored thread on top and dark brown in the bobbin. On the back of the quilt, I'm getting little cream colored dots from the top thread. I've adjusted the the top tension and bottom tensions and still can't seem to get a good balance. Any suggestions?


  • edited November 2012
    I too have experienced this....have a large quilt on machine right now. It has taken five rows and adjusting bobbin and top tensions until I finally have it looking good on the top and bottom. I think my bobbin tension was just too tight .. with it loosened i then tightened the upper until the yellow dots. Tension is my biggest
    "bugaboo", but stay with it.....i hate changing the bobbin thread weight because it necessitates fiddling with the tension.
  • I have a fusion and after doing the first pass on a quilt the bobbin will not feed. I tried a new bobbin and a new bobbin case. The tension appears to be fine, but once the case is inserted the bobbin thread in so tight it can not be pulled at all and breaks
  • @Janet --- it sounds like your bobbin is too full???? I learned to not fill mine completely.
    @Cksred -- having the same weight thread on top and bottom would help. I've never really been able to adjust mine just right.....good luck

    I have also discovered my machine just does not like certain threads..........try a different thread and see what happens.
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