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I need Expertise PLEASE

edited November 2012 in Ask An HQ Expert
I have an older model machine I can provide serial number if necessary - I bought the machine in America when I was living there - I now live in Australia and have the machine with me with a stepdown transformer. I really need help - there is some sort of electrical issue going on - I dont get support from HQ Australia as its an American machine I have had an Australian HQ representative come out and have a look and he can only recommend what to do as HQ Australia does not have the required parts - He has said to replace the C-Pod on the side of the machine - he said it would be a start.

With the stitch regulator – it doesn’t stop when I slow the machine down to a stop – it sometimes goes faster and slower its very intermittent with these timings – sometimes it skips a beat or two when quilting and then it tries to catch up on itself.

My Handiquilter representative would also like to know – is there a possibility to upgrade my machine with latest computer motor etc – it doesn’t matter if its American, (if I can get 240 volt even better) but I do have a step down transformer – so the voltage doesn’t matter.


  • Dear Kizzies Korner,
    I have asked our technical solutions department to contact you directly via email.

    Best regards,
    Brenda Groelz
    Director of Marketing & Education
    Handi Quilter, Inc.
  • Thanks Brenda I'm now in contact with someone thankyou! :)
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