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Avante with Pro-Stitcher for Sale
  • I am selling my Avante with Pro-Stitcher. I am located in New York, I will deliver and train within a reasonable distance. Machine well maintained and cared for... Price now reduced... $11,000.00. Purchased in 2010. Low Low Low mileage. Can contact me at quiltersedge@optonline.net. Comes with many extras.
    Kindest Regards
    Donna McCallion
  • Hi Donna,
    What size frame does your Avante have? Do you know if it would be possible to ship it?
  • Hi Diane,
    It's a 12 foot table, it comes in 4 foot sections. I'm sure it can be shipped.
  • I am always interested in why a machine is for sale so soon after purchasing it. Is there a problem with the machine.
  • I am a Handiquilter Dealer, and it is time to get the newest additions, ie Pro-Stitcher and newest carriage. It is a great system, there are no problems whatsoever. But as a dealer we are expected to have all the latest and greatest..
  • Hi Donna,
    Is it computerized? What would be the best way to ship to NC? Does it come with any warranties?

  • Hi Fran, yes it is computerized!! Where in NC are you located? Why don't you pm me... quiltersedge@optonline.net... we can talk... I will be in NC, shortly...
    possibly could transport it with me!!
  • Donna - please email me at goodest76@yahoo.com regarding this machine.
  • I live in Wake Forest, NC. Donna, did the machine sell? You had said someone was interested in looking at the machine on Feb 9. Please let me know. Thank you. Email jewellady51@aol.com