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Studio Frame - location of tension bar

edited November 2012 in Ask An HQ Expert
I have a new studio frame and am not sure if the tension bar should be rubbing on the throat of my machine or up high enough that it clears the throat completely. I am having problems with my machine being a bit 'jerky' in spots as I am quilting (pantographs) across the quilt so wondering if it could be caused by the pole dragging on the throat. Any other ideas as to what could be causing this would be appreciated!


  • I had this problem and I found that I had to rotate the tension bar so that the little knobs that join the bars together were not catching on the machine. Ih ope that makes sense.
  • Leah,

    I had the same problem with my studio frame. I raised the bar so it would not rub on the bottom of the machine. Did not help with the 'jerking'. I noticed when I was quilting the 'jerking' was in the same area where the table sections join together. I took theframe apart and made sure when I put the sections of the table back together they were completely level. Then I put my track back on following the instructions in the owners manual. Once I completed this, I tested it, no more 'jerking'! This was a fairly easy process and took less than an hour and a half. Hope this help with your problem.
  • Thank you everyone for your suggestions .... nice to know "I am not the only one" :) I am anxious to see if I can eliminate this frustrating problem over the weekend.
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