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stalled motor
  • I just had my HQ16 serviced and it was working great, then stopped with the needle down, beeped and the message motor stalled. What now? I turned off the machine, cleaned out bobbin area and rethreaded- no movement, the needle up/down doesn't work and when I push start, doesn't work. I am using the stitch regulator.
  • Dear Followyourart,
    It sounds like you have a thread jam. If you will turn off your HQ-16 machince. Go to the back of your machine will need to take the hand wheel and gently move it right and left until you break the threads, which are causing the jam. Then make sure you clean out the threads from the bobbin area. You then can turn on your machine and you should be ready to quilt. If you have further problems please call Handi Quilter Technical Solutions 801-335-0833.

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter Educator
  • Can also be a small part of a needle caught up in the hook spindle area.... Mine was caught in the tension bar on the part of the shuttle receive area for the bobbin, the hook spindle. So this could have happened if you broke a needle and left a small piece of needle in this area. With the machine turned off. I ran my fingers around the edge of the receive area and found a piece of needle sticking out. had to take my machine back to my service agent for servicing as I couldn't get it out ....it was stuck fast
    In Australia
  • I don't if this relates, but after breaking a needle and replacing it, my machine occasionally stops and the wheel that moves the needle has a hesitation when I try to move it. After a few turns, it works for a while and then does it again. Do I need lubrication at this time, or is something else?
  • Dear Karen,
    First make sure you do not have any threads in your bobbin area. If it is free of threads, it might be a timing issue. You will need to take your machine to your rep to have your machine timed. If you have any other questions please give us a call.

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter Educator