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Flooring for your Handi Quilter
  • I currently have my HQ Avante 18 sitting on low pile carpet with casters. I am getting new flooring and was wondering what kinds of flooring is best. Wood? Laminate? Indoor/Outdoor carpet?
  • Dear Judy,
    Regarding your question about flooring-anything you want will work just fine.
    Remember though that the harder the surface, the harder it is on you. If you do decide to use a hard surface you might want to get some kind of mat to stand on. Have fun with your decisions on your flooring.

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter Educator
  • I have mine on a concrete floor which works good. What I did was go to Sam's & purchased the colored squares that interlock that are for kids to play on. They work great & aren't too expensive. I have them inbetween my cutting table & ironing board also. I have an office mat but like these better plus they are colorful not black.
  • I have my machine (was a HQ 16 and now an Avante) on hardwood flooring. There are several factors that I considered....I need to be able to easily move the machine, I want to be able to clean under it quickly with a swiffer to get up all that lint and cut threads that do manage to fall, and I WANT to hear any pins that drop on the floor. The blocks listed by Annmarie work great in front of the machine when you need to stand for long periods and can be stacked up when not being used.