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Railz by Urban Elementz

edited December 2012 in General
I am wondering who out there has upgraded their Avante 12' studio table to this railz system. Any input you could offer would be much appreciated.


  • :) I'm going to follow this --- I, too, am thinking about buying these. Thanks for asking!!!
  • We just sold our old HQ16 with studio table and old track system. We upgraded to Avante 18 with new track system it is great except tracks are alittle hard to get correct but once adjusted very smooth.
  • The HQ Studio Frame has the HQ Precision-Glide track and wheel system. There is no need to change to another system. HQ owners who have HQ Sixteen machines with the old-style white track systems can upgrade to the HQ Precison-Glide system with a track upgrade kit. Many who do this, also choose to upgrade their sidearms and poles at the same time. The two kits can be purchased together or separately.
  • I'm perfectly happy with the rail that I have on the my Avante. I'd be real leery about using a 3rd party system, I'd rather use one that was made specifically with my machine in mind, but that's my two cents.
  • Brenda - I'm talked about upgrading sidearms & poles. I'm ok with the poles on my Studio frame. The sidearms (the rachets) however, seem to that why there's been an upgrade? Just wondering if that's what you're referring to...that's something I would be interested in changing out if there's been an improvement in them.
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