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Tie Off after designing Stitch in the Ditch via Pro Stitcher

edited December 2012 in Ask An HQ Expert
I created a Stitch in the Ditch for a block with 4 seams that needed to be ditch stitched. It tied off correctly at the start point and after each of the jump stitches but I can't seem to figure out how to make it tie off at the end. In my settings, I have the start and end tie-offs set the works using the pulldown designs but I can't seem to make it tie off at the end when I created this ditch stitch design.

Can you tell me what step I missed that is keeping it from doing the last tie-off?



  • Cheryl, thanks for the note. On the first quilt I stitched, I ended up manually ending the stitches at the end of each of the 30 blocks. This morning I put the 2nd quilt on the machine and the solution occurred to me......just end with a jump stitch even though I'm not going to jump anywhere. It worked! The stitch is locked down and I can program the next set of blocks. FYI......the blocks are actually circles made from strips and I needed to stitch in the ditch on each of the 4 seams in the 30 blocks.

    I love this feature on the Pro-Stitcher.....there was NO WAY I was going to manually stitch in the ditch 120 times on each quilt! Just let the machine do it for me and end up with nice straight, beautiful lines.
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