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HQ 16 with ProStitcher Needle Up/Needle down

edited January 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I am having a problem with my the needle up/down function. When I press the button to set the needle down to pick up the bobbin thread, the movement is slow and jerky and the needle will stay down in the quilt - eventhough I have it set for needle up. I happens regularly when I am in handle bar control and has happened a couple times when I used the ProStitcher. What drives this function? I have looked for loose cable, and that did not seem to be the problem. Thanks.


  • Hi, Sorry that you have been having problems, also sorry that it has taken this long for a response. If you don't mind answering a question or two, what machine is it that you have that you are experiencing the problem with, and are you using the needle up down button on the handle bars whenever this happens, or the "half-stitch" button on the pro-stitcher when this happens?

    We will try to get a response back to you asap this time ;)

    ~Ty, Handi Quilter Tech Solutions
  • Hello! Just noticed your response. I have an HQ16 with ProStitcher. I experience the problem on manual and computer control. I have considered the "half-stitch" button in both modes. I believe I have figured out the problem. The problem is with the Take Up lever. I noticed that when it doesn't pull up the bobbin thread I just push the Take Up lever up to the highest position and it seems to release the bobbin thread so that it can come on through. Also, when the needle goes up and then immediately sinks back down into my quilt, I just push the Take Up lever up and I can continue on. Before I was just going to the back of the machine and turning the Hand Wheel. It/the needle isn't herky-jerky so much anymore. I think I may need to open the machine case to adjust the Take Up lever. Problem: I have never done this and I am not so comfortable with it. However, I have made three, 100-mile round trips to a service person - for service and a follow up problem and I really don't want to go back if I don't have to. I informed the service guy of my problem and I have not received a call back about it. I may be on my own here. Does it sound like my problem is with the Take Up lever to you? Thank you
  • From what you are describing, It sounds like like the optical sensor for the needle up/needle down may have migrated off. I know that you don't want to hear this, but to adjust it, the machine will have to be take apart, and most likely serviced by a rep (especially adjusting the optical sensor).

    ~Ty, Handi Quilter Tech Solutions
  • Thanks for your note. You are correct, I sure didn't want to hear that I have to take it to a technician to take it apart and most likely serviced. I just paid the nearest service technician quite a bit of money to have it serviced this past November. I have been able to limp along, but it should be properly fixed. Thanks.
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