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Handy Quilter Sweet Sixteen for sale + table & accessories - San Diego, California - asking $6500.
  • We have a customer that wants to sell her Handi Quilter Sweet 16. It's about 4 years old but in pristine condition. With all the accessories with it, it's worth over $12,000. She is selling it to pay off incurring medical costs.
    Here is a list of what comes with it:

    Handi quilting machine- 16 inch

    2 hand controllers for machine front and one for back of machine

    4 roller table, 10 feet long.

    long tray for implements and etc. fits over end of machine

    Leaders- Handi quilters This is the material quilts attach to with pins

    GROOVY Boards:
    2 straight feathers
    circle feathers
    conner feathers
    Oak leaves, 2 pieces tulip loops- 2pieces
    Leaves, oak-2 piecesLoopy flowers- 2 pieces

    90 Degree
    Straight edge-long
    Mini long edge
    Half circle set
    Shell and swirls template
    Mini Quilters rule-4 in one

    Line stencil
    Quilt pouncer set

    Apron, Handi Quilter
    Bobbin winder and 1 dz bobbins
    Slide on ruler for face plate
    Misc long pins, material stapler

    Please email ebay@sewingmachinesplus.com or mbarbar1@san.rr.com.
    If you want to call the number to reach the owner is 858-204-2858 - ask for Barbara.

    Leave a message with phone number if nobody picks up.

    ASKING $6500.

    THANK YOU!!!!!