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Pro Sticher Frustration and disappointed with HQ!!

edited January 2013 in General
I have recently purchased an Avante and then the new Pro Sticher. There is NO GOOD TRAINING!! We have paid thousands of dollars for these machines yet you can't get good training. Or, you have to pay thousands of dollars more for training. Don't get me wrong I love my machine but what good is it to me if I can't use what I have paid for because the training is so poor. I'm extremly frustrated!!! HQ how can you improve training without charging you customers so much money.



  • I have the avante without the pro sticher and agree with what you are saying about the training the timing has been a real problem in the last three week I have thrown it out 3 times. And to get it fixed is a real problem as the nearest dealer is a 12 hour drive, or 3 days via freight oneway . My other longarm I fix myself as it is a simple proceedure, (It is a Nolting Pro 24 with the Intelliquilter). I have noticed via other posts that the timing can be a real problem on this machine and now kinda wish I never bought it.
  • I am so sorry that you do not have good dealer support. My local dealer brings in HQ Educators and has a long-arm club that meets monthly. I love my Avante and the new ProStitcher software is the cat's pajamas!
  • Good dealer support is key. Mine offers a class once a month. Free if you bought your machine from them. I love my new Fusion with the ProStitcher that I had a class on it :)
  • I have to agree with you ladies who are disapointed. We bought our Avante with ProStitcher at a quilt show from an out of state dealer because our local rep was such a disappointment. They didn't have a P-S and advised us that we didn't need one.
    Our salesperson brought the machine to our home and assembled it, but we got about 20 minutes of instruction on the P-S and promptly lost focus. No matter how I foIlow the directions step by step, I can't get it to work. I can't find any education for the P-S anywhere near me in PA.
    I signed up for a class at my local Babylock dealer because the Crown Jewel now uses the P-S, but I was just plopped in front of a computer and shown a DVD about Art & Stitch.
    My frustration is growing rapidly and I refuse to pay the money to fly all the way out to Salt Lake and take their retreat. Thanks for listening.
  • Have any of you viewed the DVD training videos and web innards on the pro-stitcher? I have not purchased the pro-st at this point but borrowed the videos from another source and found them very useful explaining the"how to's". I have not put them into practice. There is also a HQ u education on pro-stitcher.
  • The training videos are good and worth the money.
  • I recieved six DVDs with my machine. Ok, if you want to watch someone else do free motion or load a quilt without telling you what each roller is for or which direction it should roll. Can't even find directions for saving an adjusted design under a different name. Dealer is 70 miles away and makes me feel so stupid when I call. I ususally need help in the evening so I don't have anything put the computer to turn to.
  • I have a Fusion and a pro-stitcher and I have had to learn by trial and error on my own. Twenty minutes of "how to" for each is a joke, especially when the dealer stands at the machine and does all of the steps himself. Most people learn by actually doing (hands on.) I think every new owner deserves several hours of hands on training and follow up help as needed especially considering the high cost of these machines. Several other brands provide much more training. I would strongly advise Handiquilter to provide training all across the United States.
  • We’re sorry that so many of you are frustrated with education options for HQ Pro-Stitcher. We have available several free tutorials, webinars, and YouTube videos about HQ Pro-Stitcher. I’ve consolidated the links below for easy reference. Of course, there are also HQ Pro-Stitcher retreats held in our North Salt Lake offices.

    1. Creating a triangle using alignment

    2. Creating a triangle using alignment 2

    3. Create an off-set edge-to-edge using wrapping

    4. Creating a block from a triangle

    5. Creating a multiple design border

    6. Creating corners and continuous borders

    7. Isolating a design using Crop Start-End

    8. Skew to a hexagon

    9. Skew to a triangle

    10. Skew to an octagon

    11. Using Duplicate to create a block design

    12. Wrapping an edge-to-edge

    Tutorials for previous version of HQ Pro-Stitcher

    YouTube videos:
    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features Multi-Point Skew Lesson 1

    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features Multiple Designs Lesson 2

    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features Cropping Designs Lesson 3

    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features Offset Designs Lesson 4

    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features Multi Design Borders Lesson 5

    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features Triangles Lesson 6

    HQ Pro-Stitcher Features New Designs Lesson 7


    New HQ Pro-Stitcher software features
    PDF file:

    HQ Pro-Stitcher
    PDF file:

    More on the HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update
    PDF file: ttp://
  • I had no training for mine either..but i believe the manual is very good. I have a user group for ProStitcher and when I work with a new owner I have them start with side to side and get that down...then go to block work... just don't try to do it all at once. Read everything you can and watch all the videos. It is a great machine. And I've used another one... this one is great!
    I'm in Colorado if I can help.
  • I've just purchased the HQ Fusion with Pro Stitcher and requested my dealer wait a few weeks to do my training so I would have the opportunity to play around with it first. I have watched the video's, and they are very helpful.

    Last week, I got really stuck on how to do something, and I called the HQ Customer Service folks, and they were wonderful! Showed me exactly where to find what I needed, and it listed it for me step by step. I'm by no means an expert, but was very impressed with the customer service department! It is very nice to know they are there, and willing to walk you through if needed!
  • I find this kind of strange because my 65+ year old mother has learned the old and new Pro Stitcher completely by herself by watching videos, etc as there is no local dealer or training class she can attend. She's no computer expert by any means and calls me for help with the simplest computer tasks (copying files, etc), but she can quilt with that machine like nobody's business. It can be learned :)
  • I did the same as you and asked my dealer to come back in a few weeks - then found I didn't need the additional training after all. The odd time I had questions, I received prompt replies from the Yahoo group. I know it can seem overwhelming but really isn't difficult if you just work your way through it and follow the steps outlined precisely.
  • My dealer offers free instructions/lessons for life with any machine she sells. At the time of purchase, she gives a brief overview of just enough to get you started and recommends that you come back in a few weeks when you have questions. At the very beginning, I know I don't even know enough to ask questions, so I think this is a good system.
  • It should be kept in mind that there are different learning styles for different people. The documentation and instructions have improved since I bought my machine. I expected better quality of written instructions for the amount of money invested in the machine.
  • I am kinda changing the topic, but wondering if you would kindly answer this question. I am looking at purchasing a used hq18 with pro stitcher. Now I know there is a newer version out there. But can anyone tell me what to look for. Would I be happy with an older first version. Not even sure what version it is. Any tips would really be appreciated. I don't want to buy something that I will be sorry for and then end up paying thousands more for another upgrade etc. Thx.
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