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Stitch Regulator

edited January 2013 in General
I am very discouraged with my HQ Sixteen. Tension is always a problem. Even use the TOWA and check tension with every bobbin. It looks good to start with. The top tension looks great but sections on back will be a flat line and could be pulled out easy. Had someone tell me I am just too particular! Anyway right now my regulator is giving me fits. If I go up and down it works fine but from left to right it is sluggish and won't stitch with a darn. Have checked all my connections, etc. Everything looks okay. Any ideas? Do the cables wear out? I am at my wits end. My nearest dealer is 3 hours away. Would appreciate any help or advice.


  • Hello BlueQuilt, my heart aches for I also have had great problems with the whole shebang! From beginning to end. No, you are NOt too particular. I also bought a "Towa". I also coudn't use the Bobbin Winder - used my battery opperated from my DMS. First get your tension fixed....I have found using a "Bobbin Genie" ( Sharon Schamber) has helped my tension 100%.

    Have you opened the pack and read the instructions...or had the regulator attached and began sewing? Mine has a mind of it;s own often and goes crazy Brrrrr!! and your stitches are buggered. Myself, personally, only myself here....I would never had bought the Stitch regulator for the Sweet Sixteen if I knew then, what I know now. So, go into "manual " mode, and after making up a number of small sandwiches....go for your lifed Quilt. In the beginning it won;t be nice.... (think 25%) and then grow from that. Then after you have managed that, and able to master a mush faster stitch - try your Stich regulator again. All has to do with Tension.... get your lower tension right (most important) then marry your upper tension with the lower. .........nothing is going to wear out...I like Custom Quilting, and the Stitch Regulator (was told after I bought it) is NO good for that. Remember lower tension first.
  • BlueQuilt, I am going to make an assumption that you have a HQ16 with stitch regulator on a frame. I would say if you have a flat thread on the back, then you need to adjust your top tension tighter until you barely see the bobbin thread on the top. Then loosen the top tension just slightly. The knot of the stitch should just be in the upper third of the sandwich. Considering your stitching left or right, I would say your X-encoder is not rolling freely (dust, thread,etc) or lifting off the track. You can call HQ and have them tell you how to put your machine in diagnostic mode and go to the X-encoder menu that will light and beep as you move the machine left and right. This will help confirm it is the encoder that is causing you problems. Normally I get right through to a tech. Good luck.
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