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Local training

edited January 2013 in HQ Pro-Stitcher
Does anyone know if there is someone who does training on the Pro-Stitcher in the MD, DE, VA, PA, WV area.
I live in MD, but I am willing to travel.
Thank you,


  • edited February 2013
    I would be interested in this also Barbara. I'm in Pa and bought my machine from a NY dealer at a quilt show. We got virtually no training on the Pro-Stitcher. Our local dealer is so ineffectual that he doesn't have a P-S and told us we didn't need one. Every time I try to use the P-S it doesn't go where I need it to. I'm totally lost. I recently heard that the Crazy Cousins shop in Fredericksburg, Va may be having P-S classes in the future.
    I got mine after the 2012 updates were added so I don't know if the DVD's would even help me.
  • Hi Karen,
    Where are you located in PA? I live in North East, PA (just outside of Erie). I have an HQ16 with ProStitcher, but I don't have the version updated after 2012. I have the original version. Maybe I can help you. Maybe you live close by???? I think it would be great to be able to attend some ProStitcher classes around. I only know of 2 dealers within 100 miles of me and neither one of them have the ProStitcher on their machines - at least at this time. You can email me if you like at
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