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Base ruler question

edited January 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
The base ruler I ordered just arrived, but I can't get it to fit my machine. I have the Avante and I ordered the correct base ruler; I verified this multiple times. I have also read my instructions and watched the YouTube Video.

At first I thought the ruler may be stiff and I was wimpy, so I had my husband luck. We even tried attaching the right side before the left, just to see if that might work. Strangely, when doing this, the right side doesn't seem to be lining up to the base ruler slots.

Is it possible I got one that is slightly off/defective or is there some special trick? Just doesn't seem like it should be this challenging.



  • I just want to thank Handi Quilter, particularly Becky. I called your company as directed above and was created with wonderful customer service! My issue was part of a production error with the manufacturer. When I first called, the company was still working on a solution and a rep had to call me back. Becky called me the next business day. She was honest and sincere. A new item was shipped along with a gift....a great gift! And my new base ruler fits!
    Thank you for your wonderful customer service!!!
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