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Heavy thread build up when cropping out for quilting around applique

Hi. Love the new Pro-stitcher upgrade. When I am doing background fill quilting in an area around an applique, after having cropped out the applique shape using the multipoint area/crop technique, I get a heavy thread build up around the applique as the machine travels around the applique back and forth to complete the pattern. Its pretty unattractive. Can you think of what I might be doing wrong to make this happen? Otherwise, have not had any problems with the new pro-stitcher after some reasonable trial and error. Thanks.


  • Thanks, I can see now how that would work. Just trim the jump threads after stitching then.
  • Would love to know what the suggestion was here. Latebloomer_3016 thanked you but we can't see the suggestion Frustrating!
  • Juddstars,

    When you are cropping the inside of an area you can either have it stitch around the edge of the area or stop at each of the start and stop points. It is a personal choice. If you don't want the build up of thread that Latebloomer_3016 was talking about you will won't press Edges after cropping the inside of the cropped area.

    If you press Edges, after cropping the inside of the cropped area, the Pro-Stitcher will stitch along the path until it comes to the cropped area, then it will follow the cropped area until it comes to the path it was on then it will continue to stitch along the path. This way it will go around the edges of the design several times.

    If you don't want the build up of stitches don't press Edges and the Pro-Stitcher will stop and start at each stop and start point. If you turn your jump threshold down to "0" the Pro-Stitcher will stop and allow you to pull up the thread at the start and stop points.

    Best regards,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
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