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tension and won't stitch backwards

i finally got nerve enough to stitch two quilts; ever since then (over a month now) I've been working with the tension - and still not resolve - I test with free hand and then with pro stitcher the bottom is fine but loops show on top. Now both free hand and prostitcher it will not make stitches while moving backwards.....someone help me - i'm about to push the machine to the curb and caulk my money spent...just think of how many quilts I could have had quilted the the money I put into this machine - any more suggestions before I drag to the curb.


  • edited January 2013
    Sounds like timing problem. Contact HQ or your dealer to see if they can help you. You can take the needle plate off of the machine, turn the back wheel until the needle is as low as it will go. Then turn the back wheel (in the direction the machine normally sews in) until the needle rises and the point of the bobbin hook goes right behind the needle. There should not be any space between the needle and hook. If there is space, the needle maybe deflecting when the machine goes backwards, and the bobbin hook cannot grab the thread loop to make a stitch.
    Hope that helps.

    I said all this above assuming that the bobbin tension was set appropriately using the techniques in the HQ video sections and the top tension was then balanced to the bobbin tension.
  • Thanks I'll try that tonight and if it doesn't work I'll contact the dealer.
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