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Questionable power surging???

edited February 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
When I push the "start/stop" or "needle up/down" buttons on the handle bar, the machine just takes off at an uncontrollable speed or goes at a surging speed (slow down, speed up, etc). Then the "start/stop" button doesn't work to stop the machine. I need to turn it off at the power supply/power switch. Any suggestions??? I have a "snow day" here in Michigan and hoped to get a lot of quilting done today. Ugh!!!!


  • edited February 2013
    Hi Tammi,
    This question would be best addressed if you could call our tech solutions department at 1-877-697-8458 when you are available for a conversation. Thanks for reaching out to us to help you remedy this issue.

    ~Ty, Handi Quilter Tech Solutions
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