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Groovy Boards

edited February 2013 in General
Just ordered the Groovy Board Stylus and was wondering how everyone liked using the groovy boards. Would like to purchase some gently used boards. Am curious if the stylus works on only HQ groovy boards? Are there other brands and can they be used with this stylus. As always thanks for all your input.


  • I have several boards that I would sell. Not sure how much shipping might be. I am located in Osceola Iowa. Your stylus will work with most boards. I have several from a variety of different makers and have never had a problem.
    If you would like email me about the board my email addy is If you email me I will give you my phone number.
  • I have several boards as well that I would like to sell. I have a stylus and adapter that I would love to sell. If you know anyone interested, just contact me at Thanks
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