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pro-stitcher seems frozen
  • My pro-stitcher is not responding to any commands...I can turn it on and get to the main window but then the screen is frozen. I was getting unusual commands yesterday while working with a pattern. Not sure what has happened or what to do...Help!!!
  • Does the touch screen work, or is it the stitching commands and carriage that aren't working? Have you tried shutting down, unplugging, then plug in and reboot?

  • the touch screen doesn't work, the onscreen keyboard won't close and I can only forcibly shut it down. I have tried unplugging after shutting down then rebooting, all with no luck.
  • Dear Leslie,
    I am sorry that you are having difficulty. Please call our Technical Solutions Team
    801-877-697-8458. 8-5 MST.

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter Educator