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Stitching is "out of whack"
  • I started yesterday with an edge to edge of the star and swirls pattern, only to notice that each swirl had a "kink" to it and the stars were stitching wonky. I put another pattern on a practice piece and saw that was happening as well. I have cleaned the wheels, checked bobbin and threads and still the crazy stitching. Any ideas to other things I need to check? I have not used the pro stitcher in about a month, but worked fine when I used it last. It is also skipping some stitches. I'm sure I am missing something! Frustrated!!!
  • Well, just an update. Found a very tiny screw that had come off the machine about a month ago. Not knowing what it was I just held onto it. My husband noticed when the wheels and cogs were engaged, one of the wheels was loose. Shazam!! Screw came from that area. He found where it came from, put it back, tightened and I'm back to perfect!!