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Quilt Show Protocol

I have been told by Handi Quilter representatives that it is impossible to use two different color threads, one light in the bobbin, the other top thread a dark color that matches the top quilt border because the light bobbin thread will show on the top of the quilt mixed with the darker color top thread. I was told to use the same color thread in the bobbin and top thread.

My question is, in doing this, if your back fabric is a solid ivory color, and you use different color threads stitching your quilt, the back of your quilt will be stitched in different color thread giving your quilt back a "rainbow" of thread color. Is the acceptable to judges judging your quilt in a quilt show????


  • I wouldn't give up using different colors top and bobbin. Tension adjusment is a struggle, but well worth the effort. The concept of using identical colors would totally eliminate the use of variegated threads. I try to find a reasonable "mid range" tone for bobbin. I frequently check and tweak tension as best I can. Jamie Wallen has a You-Tube video on tension. He recommends adjusting until the threads lock just under the quilt top, with a slight pokie showing on top, especially in the corners. His opinion is that the thread will "settle" when the quilt is taken off the machine, washed and/or handled. That's just one experienced quilter's opinion.
    I also encourage my clients to use busy prints for backing instead of solids. This really helps to hide minor pokies. With the wide variety of fabrics used to construct a top, piecing seams, and density variations in the batting, I don't think that there is any way to get around minor shifts in tension.
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