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Looking for the right long arm

edited February 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I recently picked up a handi quilter frame it's either an original handi quilter frame or handi quilter II but I would like to know which hq machine would work the best for me. I really like the hq sixteen better than the sweet sixteen I believe the other machines will be to big for the track system. Does anyone know what machine will work best?


  • Thanks what would be a good long arm to get for someone who is just starting out and wanting to learn how to machine quilt? I am hoping if I can get good enough to be able to do this as a buisness since all the machines are sold with frames.
  • You best start learning how to quilt on a regular sewing machine. If you really are just starting out, 'hoping' to get good enough won't cut it. Practice, practice, practice does. Once you learn how to quilt, you will be the best judge as to what long arm machine (go to quilt shows and try them out) will work best for you. There are a lot of issues you need to know about LAMs. You can't just load a quilt onto a machine and start quilting. Just saying.
  • Thanks for the info koakaB. I have been using my singer machine to quilt with and it has been fun to work with and learn. I think I might be ready for a upgrade. The quilt show will be in my area in March I will have to spend time test driving. Thanks
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