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Bobbin Winder?
  • Hi, Can you please tell me how to thread the newest Sweet 16 bobbin winder? Thanks.
  • Hi, Andy,
    There are instructions on our website under downloads that has a diagram.
    It is located at:
    It is on page 8.
    The following are the instructions:
    Thread the Handi Quilter Bobbin Winder by feeding the thread
    through the loop (1 at the top of the thread mast and then into the thread guide (2)
    between the mast and the thread tensioner (3). Guide the thread into the
    tensioner making sure to “floss” the thread firmly between the discs. Then wrap it
    around the bobbin in a clockwise direction (4)(Figure 8).
    The thread guide works best positioned at the bottom of the thread mast, straight out from the front side of the bobbin winder. If the thread comes out of the tensioner discs during winding, loosen the set screw in the thread guide collar and reposition the thread guide to the left (toward the bobbin spindle). Once in position, tighten the set screw.
    I hope this helps.
    Have a great day.
    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator