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Longarm Meetings
  • Our guild is fairly large and we have decided to add a "Longarm Bee" where quilters can meet once a month to discuss anything to do with longarming. Has anyone been a part or runs a group like this? I could use any suggestions to help get this group started off on the right foot. This group will be open to all brands from novice on.
    Thank you for any info. You can post info here or send it to me at pmpatty@tds.net
  • That is a great idea, and have thought about it myself before. I think it would be great if you were able to find some long/mid-armers who were willing to have a group meet in their home (the group could take turns meeting at someone's home) and get some hands-on education/advice etc. I don't know of any such groups, but would be interested in how things turn out for you. You can email me at wakershner@gmail.com if you like.