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Considering the Fusion

edited March 2013 in General
Hi - am in the market for a new longarm and leaning towards the Fusion with ProStitcher. Does the Prostitcher add anything to the length of the frame? My room is 14' 6'' and am concerned about the fit. Thanks.


  • Hi megil,
    I have a Fusion and the 12' frame, and no, the ProStitcher will not add anything to the length of the frame. Everything mounts to the machine or table within the length of the table. 14' 6" will be pretty tight, but I think it is doable. I have about 15' 10", and I can walk around the machine on both ends. I sort of "crab walk" around on the left, as I've provided about 2' on the right side where the quilt advancing controls are located. I have the casters on my table so I can move it forward when I work on pantos from the back, and move it back when I do meandering, ruler work, or custom from the front. I have about 7' to work with, depth-wise (we converted our pool table to a cutting/work table, and that thing is NOT moving.

    Hope this helps, and good luck. I've enjoyed my Fusion. I bought it exactly one year ago, and have really gotten into this quilting thing.

  • Thanks Tim. Exactly how long is the frame? I guess I will only need to get around one side.
    Is it possible to get a shorter (10') frame with the Fusion?
    The quilts on your website are beautiful.
  • Hi, I know your post was posted awhile ago but wanted to add my 2 cents. I had a room 12' 5" and I just got my Fusion to fit, although I took off the little crank on the rear pole. I could not get around the machine so I installed a power strip on the wall about 40" off the ground and used a yard stick to turn the toggle switch on and off. Very rarely did I have to go to the back of my machine and would have to shimmy under the poles to do it, but it was not that hard. I installed my table/poles very high so I don't have to bend over to quilt and it is very easy to duck under the poles to reach the thread cone. Hope you are having fun. Connie
  • Thanks Connie. My Fusion is now on order and should arrive any day. Hopefully I'll have just enough room to squeeze around back. Good incentive to lose a few pounds! LOL!!
    Good idea on the power bar, thanks!
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