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Pleats on back

edited March 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I feel like such an idiot. So very proud of a quilt top I just finished on my Avante. Took it off and saw a huge crease/pleat running all the way across the back. What did I do wrong? Any ideas on how to fix it? Thank you!!!


  • First, don't feel like an idiot! These things happen. If the "pleat" is horizontal across the quilt, is it possible that some extra fabric may have gone unnoticed when you loaded/rolled up the quilt back? Was your backing fabric nice and "taught" all through the process of rolling it up on the bar? Not sure what else it could be. Fixing it? Without seeing it, it sounds like you may have to unstitch it. Sorry. Maybe someone else will read your post and have a better answer and solution.
  • Thank you! Those are all good thoughts. There was a bit of fullness in the backing when I loaded the quilt. I tried to pin it in such a way as to take it up. I also, upon hindsight, think I probably forgot to stabilize the backing with the clamps on that particular pass. Do you know how long it takes to unstitch 2/3's of a pass? Nine hours!!! But it's worth it because now the quilt is pleat-free! :)
  • Ohhhh, sorry you had to unstitch and for 9 hours!! Good for you though, the pleats are gone! YAY!
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