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edited March 2013 in General
I have several groovy boards for sale
All are in excellent used condition

the boards I have available are as follows:
Groovy Board Brand Boards:
SURFS UP (2 boards) $40
DUELING SQUARES (2 squares; squares in squares and then the Greek key type maze) $40
FEATHER DELIGHT (2 boards) $60
SQUIGGLES (2 boards) $70
BAPTIST FAN (2 boards) $70
ROSE GARDEN (2 boards) $70
FIELD OF FLOWERS (2 boards)$70
SWIRLS (set of 4 boards) $150
BLUSTERY BREEZE (set of 4 boards) $150

Non Groovy Board Brand (not sure who made them)
Mother Child Love (2 boards) $40
Scroll Flower (2 boards) $40

The 2 sets that are not the Groovy Board brand are a little smaller than the standard groovy boards but function exactly the same and work just fine with the HQ stylus

Prices posted are for the all the boards in each set. I will not split up the four board sets.
I would be willing to make a deal if you were interested in all the boards or several sets.
I have no idea what the shipping would cost to your location but I just shipped about 8 boards total to a gal last week and the shipping was $24 insured standard post. Once you decide which ones you want I will wrap them up and get the box weighed and then tell you what the actual shipping cost would be.
I have pictures of all the board sets that I can send you via email

If interested please call Valerie at 641 414 4879 or email me at
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