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Another question on Fusion - Sound

edited March 2013 in General
I'm leaning more and more towards purchasing a Fusion. I have one question on how loud it is. I'll be moving into a townhome and although the room the machine will be in is over a garage, I'm wondering a bit about the neighbour I have on one side. The one wall is partially common with their sundeck. Thanks! Melanie


  • I have a fusion. I love it!! Live in a duplex, unit above me has a 3 year old who is so much louder than my machine could ever be!! I am sure than you will not have any issues in a townhouse. Seriously this little child can scream and bang so loud that I jump out of my skin while I am using my machine and listen to radio! Cheers, Melissa
  • LOL!!! Thank you Melissa.
  • Does the fusion have the same timing issues as the Avante? Thinking about trading since this Avante is driving me nutts. Please give advice if you can. N
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