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needle being hit by part of bobbin casing! help!

edited April 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
A friend and I were quilting her quilt when we got a tone and a message that said "Needle sensor failure". I turned the machine off, turned it back on, did the Needle Diagnostic which passed, so we proceeded with a new needle. Very shortly after that, my friend said the thread broke but it looked more like the bobbin was out to me. When I tried to get the bobbin case out of the casing it would not slide out. I looked up and the needle had come OUT of its needle bar and I could not tell if the thumbscrew was loose because the needle was already out, so of course was loose.. So the needle had dropped into the bobbin casing. I was able to get the needle out from above and indeed the bobbin was empty. I replaced the bobbin with a full one, replaced the needle again and did the diagnostics again and it passed. We proceeded but we noticed it was making a funny 'light clicking sort of noise and we stopped.
I pulled the throat plate off and could see nothing wrong. My friend slowly turned the handwheel ...the bobbin with its case case was out so I could see what was happening inside. There is point at which the needle is being barely touched but definitely touched, by a piece of the bobbin casing (shuttle??) as it moves around. You can hear and slightly feel the click as the needle is hit. I don't know the names of bobbin casing/shuttle parts so can't explain any better.
What should I do?


  • OH! one other thing. I noticed that when the machine was being turned back on, the screen now does a quick flicker, then is on with no further problem. And this machine is an Avante. Just over 1 year old. I forgot to mention that in my above post.
  • My timing went out, too. It happened gradually, no needle stuck or anything. You can buy a tool to do your own timing. And it's not that difficult to do. Just a bit of fiddling. So if your dealer is not close by, this may be an option for you.
  • Where do you get the tool to do the timing???? My service rep is an hour away!
  • You can buy it from your HQ supplier.
  • At this time, Handi Quilter does not offer timing tools or instructions. Instead, we recommend that you take your machine to your trained and authorized Handi Quilter Representative.

    Best regards,
    Brenda Groelz
    Director of Marketing & Education
    Handi Quilter, Inc.
  • I have also been told by Handiquilter that they do not have tools to time your machine yourself. BUT I have heard many times of people finding the tools and timing them themselves. My timing goes out at least once a month HELP. Could it be that there is a defect in my machine that causes it to slip and untime itself?
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