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Idler Bar Rubbing on Machine - HQ18 Avante

edited April 2013 in General
Hi, I just purchased a used Avante and got it set up today. It's level front and back and the carriage is moving very smoothly. I noticed that when I pull the machine forward on the carriage, the idler bar rubs as the machine at the back third of the throat area.

I'm just wondering if this is something to be concerned about and if it will cause the quilt to hang up as it passes under the bar.



  • I also recently purchased a used Avante. The bar also touched the machine when the carriage was moved back and forth. There was very little clearance for the quilt to pass through. I raised the pole assembly on the side brackets to the next higher hole and the problem seems to be solved.
  • Thanks for your reply. I thought of this but was concerned that the take up pole might be too high and limit the amount of quilt that can be rolled on to it. I'll give it a try and see how it works out. Thanks again.
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