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Top Thread Breaking

edited May 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
Hi, I recently bought a used HQ Sixteen. I have it all set up and quilting. However, it goes for awhile and then the top thread breaks. Where do I start?


  • edited May 2013
    Hang in there, someone can help you. I too bought a used HQ16. Sews like a dream. Some of my problems have been tension. Superior Threads has a tension guide to go with a TOWA bobbin guage. This guide has really helped me.
  • Thank you both! I will do some studying and watching the video to see if I can get it figured out!
  • I have problems whenever I use King Tut or YLI with my machine. Even if I change the needle to an 18, so I use Superiors Omni thread, Permacore and/or MaxiLock serger thread. Along with loosening the tension, having the right needle in and using a thread that is friendly to your machine will surely fix the problem. Let us know if you have continued issues.
  • I got it All working! The TNT video was awesome! It works like a charm?
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