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Bobbin Winder
  • I have a new Sweet 16 and having problems with the Bobbin Winder ( White one ).
    The bobbin "spins" on the spool and does not wind. The mechanism works and the bobbin holder turns...just the bobbin does not grip and turn with it.
    Any tips welcome.
    Sally K. Australia.
  • Dear Sally,
    I am sorry you are having problems with the bobbin winder. It seems that you might need to make a small adjustment on your bobbin post. You will need a regular screw driver, or a flat head. Take your screw driver and put it in the the slot that is at the end of the bobbin post. It is helpful at this point if the slot is horizontal to the bobbin winder. Gently press up or down to widen the slot on the post. This will then widen the post and the bobbin will grip to the post. Let us know if we can be of further help.
    Happy Quilting!

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter
    Studio Educator
  • Excellent. Thankyou. I will let you know how I get on.