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Regulated vs. manual (stitch mode) and precision vs. cruise (SR style)
  • I'm looking for more information on when to use which stitch mode and SR style. What should a beginner use? What combination of mode/style should I use when using pantographs and groovy boards? Any information would be greatly appreciated. If you have any handouts on this, could you let me know? Thanks so much! Chris
  • Dear Pilot 4514,
    Welcome to Long arm quilting. The stitch mode that you choose is really a personal preference. I will give you a few choices and you may decide for yourself.
    Panto graph or groovy boards try using a regulated stitch of 10-12 SPI at 3 % cruise.
    Rulers try precision at 10-12 SPI, Cruise at 3 %.
    Micro quilting 18 SPI, at a cruise speed between 15-30% or manual at 30 %.

    Give them all a try and you will find out what you prefer.
    Happy Quilting!

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter
    Studio Educator