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edited August 2011 in General
I am a fairly new longarm quilter, I am still in the meandering phase. My problem is lighting, right now I am using a thread that is that blends perfectly with the fabric...too perfect, I can't see where I have stitched and where I haven't causing me to cross over stitching. I have a Handi Quilter 16 with the standard white light...I haven't looked yet can anyone suggest some sort of lighting set up or attachment?


  • Some kind of OTT light - maybe a floor lamp?
  • I'm having the same problem with not seeing the stitches white with white on white fabric, so will order the handi light. I noticed that several of my LED lights are out on the handlebars. (all except 3 on the left side, and about 1/2 on the right side)
    How do I get them replaced?
  • Lighting is my biggest problem. I guess it's the handi light I have with the gooseneck but trying to plug it in and manage the cord while I'm sewing is such a pain. The light is awesome but I wish there was a place right on the machine to plug it in. The is some sort of plug on the back that accoridng to the books says it's for future gadgets - we need it to work now, please. The cord isn't very long. I've rigged up some strange combinations in order to use the light that I finally started using thread that doesn't match the fabric. I now use a LED flashlight that I lay on the quilt near where I'm sewing to help with my issue. We need some sort of light system that connects to the frame and hangs across the top of the frame similar to another long arm machine I've see in a mazagine. I love my Avante but need to be able to see what I'm quilting.
  • I use the Handi Light, and clamp it to the end of the quilting table, moving it from one side to the other when necessary. It works great, and the cord is out of the way.
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