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Checking back while quilting
  • Been quilting fairly problem free with HQ16, but just finished a quilt and I have to un-stitch and re-quilt a sizable section because of eye-lashing on the back. I noticed it when I advanced the quilt so knew then I had a problem I'd need to deal with later. I assume this came about when I unthreaded, wound bobbins, then re- threaded. I'd appreciate some tips on how to check that the stitching is looking okay sooner rather than later. Thanks much.
  • Dear QBee MaryAnn,
    I am sorry that you had problems with the stitching. We recommend that you check your tension every time you change your bobbin or re-thread your machine. You can make a sandwich of similar fabrics or use the extra fabric on the side of your quilt to test your tension. It never hurts to check every time you roll your quilt.
    Good luck,

    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter
    Studio Educator