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Tension issues

I've only had my sweet 16 for a week but am frustrated with the tension . Every time I change thread I have to go thru testing and changing to get the tension right . Is this the norm? I do alot of art quilts and need to change thread often.


  • That you or your reply. The video is good, guess Ill just have to deal with it.
  • landscapelady,
    I make art quilts too and it does get to be automatic to simply test the thread each time it's changed. Keep fabric sandwiches at the ready and be sure the fabric and batting match what you plan to quilt (if it is painted fabric do your test on a painted piece too) I have gotten fast at it. I have also drawn a picture of the incorrect tension threads shown in the manual (too much showing on top or bottom) and an arrow showing which way to turn the top tension assembly knob to correct it. Then tape that paper next to my machine for quick reference. Keep that little screwdriver near by too, it only takes a second to adjust and it will make your machine quilting so much more enjoyable.
  • It gets easier the more you do it. I have learned- get the bobbin tension right, load the top thread- thread the needle then pull on the bobbin thread and top thread at the same time. They should really be close-keep loosening the top until its close then try sample stitching. I have gauges, watched videos etc......this is what works for me every time. Sometimes have to remove the top thread out of the 3 hold guide and only use 1 or 2 of the holes-especially true with the really fine top threads.
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