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Another Question!

edited June 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
How do you know if the bobbin case is damaged ? Where would the damage be visible? My tension is suddenly all over the place after quilting beautifully for half an hour and the thread is now shredding. I am very frustrated., Thanks


  • It's not likely to be damaged unless you dropped it on a hard surface or you jammed into it with a needle. To me, this sounds like lint under the tension spring on the bobbin case. Have you tried gently running a pin or the edge of a business card under that flat tension spring that is found on the outside of the bobbin case? Please give that a try. Just the tiniest speck of lint can play havoc with tension and stitching.
  • And another problem could be the bobbin itself. If you've dropped a bobbin, or overfilled it, it can cause lots of problems. I am speaking from very recent experience. My machine was skipping stitches and making an awful mess. So I changed to a new bobbin, carefully wound so it wasn't too full. I followed the instructions on the HQ video about tension on the bobbin case, and although it seemed way too loose to me, I adjusted the screw so the thread flowed very freely. I inserted a new needle and made sure it was meticulously aligned. And as an abundance of caution, I changed to another cone of thread, saving the old one to be used on my domestic machine. And I loosened the top tension on the Avante a LOT. It is now stitching beautifully again.

    One other thing -- I put a rubber mat under the side of the machine where I would be likely to drop stuff to kind of cushion it. So far it hasn't happened again. And I ordered a bunch of new bobbins. Don't want to go through all that again if I can avoid it!
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