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How high should the quilting table be?

edited July 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
My Avante was delivered last week and its set up and ready. I can't seem to control my stitching, it looks like a child's coloring book scribble. Seems my arms don't have a lot of control. I have about 6 inches from my elbow to the top of the table. I thought I read or saw somewhere it should be less but I can locate the information. Also..... I know we are all individuals and there can't be a set time but just curious about how long it takes to get used to quilting with a long arm so that the work doesn't look so messy. I have been quilting for years but never on a long arm. Thanks for the help!


  • Katn,

    Congratulations on your purchase of the HQ18 Avante. We recommend that your bar should be about 3 inches from your elbow when it is bent at a 90 degree angle. This is a good starting point. It sounds like your machine is set too low. You may find that you like it even a little higher than the recommended height.

    Each person takes a different amount of time becoming comfortable with the machine. We recommend that you practice drawing and then move to the machine. The more you practice the faster you will become comfortable with the machine.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • Thanks Cheryl, I raised it three notches and now my quilting looks much better
  • Jamie Whalen has a great video on YouTube that talks about setting your table height. His suggestion is to raise it higher than traditionally recommended. You should be able to see at least 4" behind the hopping foot when you have the height adjusted properly. Although the table may seem high, it'll lessen neck/back aches.
  • I think I finally have it right even tho I can't see behind the needles- my arms feel right and stitching is actually pretty. I will go look at the video tho for pointers. Thanks for the info
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