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The good, the bad and the ugly

edited July 2013 in General
I am about to purchase an HQ machine. I was leaning towards Avante, but all the comments about faulty timing are making me reconsider my decision. I am in the process of sending back a machine of a different brand that drove me nuts. I really do not want to be in the same boat again. Is Fusion more reliable than Avante when it comes to timing? How easy is it to throw it off? Although I had many issues with my machines over the years, timing was never one of them. Please let me know your thoughts before I make another multi thousand dollar mistake. Thank you!


  • I have a fusion and I love it but I must admit I have not used it very much. Working a full time interfered with my fun me time!
  • I have never had a timing issue
  • Thank you very much. I appreciate your comments.
  • I have had my Avante now for just over 2 years. In that time I have completed a number of custom quilted projects as well as quilts using pantographs. I have even used a variety of threads in each project and have never had any difficulty with the timing. Are you sure it's not timing and not a tension issue? Jamie Whalen has a video on YouTube that gives an excellent explanation for how to set your bobbin tension and also your top tension.
  • Thank you roseme. I do not have an HQ yet. I was leaning towards Avante but many people on this board complained that it is easy to screw up the timing. I really like HQ machines. Now I just have to chose Avante or Fusion. Your experience made me feel better. Thank you.
  • Dear Tasha,
    These forums are places for people to post questions when they have problems, so you will see more of those types of messages here. The thousands of Avante owners who are not having problems are too busy quilting to post. Timing issues are few and far between with this machine and are usually due to a mishap, such as running over a thick seam or moving the machine too quickly. You can be confident that choosing an HQ18 Avante will be a good decision. Our owners love their machines. They're pretty packages. You are welcome to call if you have other questions. Just dial 877-697-8458 and ask for Brenda.
  • I've had my fusion for years and never had a timing problem. And, I quilt daily!!
  • Thank you Brenda.and grandmajuki. I am waiting for the next financing at 0% and I will buy my HQ. happy quilting!
  • I haven't had timing or any other issues with my Avante! She is one heck of a machine!
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