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Bobbin Case Cost

edited July 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I have been reading all the posts regarding the bobbin case and am wondering if I may have a faulty bobbin case due to all the problems with tension - Even after I know I have the tension set correctly, it sews fine for a little while and then slowly gets out of what again. I looked at the products site to see how much a new bobbin case is - $76.00!!! Are you kidding me?? Why so much?


  • Dear beenec,
    Let me address your last question first. There are only a few manufacturers of bobbin cases in the world. Handi Quilter uses the highest quality, hand-built bobbin cases, which we believe are worth every penny of their cost.

    Your description of a bobbin case that sews fine for little while and slowly getting out of whack sounds to me like lint build-up under the tension spring on the outside of the bobbin case. Some people call this the "J-hook". (It's shaped like a J.) Take a business card and swipe it under the spring. I'll bet you'll find lint. If not, give your HQ rep a call. You shouldn't have this problem.
  • I also was having trouble with tension. Finally bite the bullet and paid the $75.oo for new bobbin case. I can't believe the difference. My tension is so much better and am not fighting it every 5 minutes. As far as I am concerned it was worth the $ for me.
  • Finally read your comment from July, BlueQuilt. It's good to know that a new bobbin will possibly solve my problems. If so, then I'm happy to pay the $ for less frustration..
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