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Machine vibrates too much
  • I just finished quilting using a pantograph and my machine was really vibrating a lot. I tried going as slow as I could, but still lots of vibration. I have the table sold with my HQ16 - it's all level and legs are solid. I'm afraid that I will ding up my tracks. Thank you
  • Dear Barbd,
    There are two things that will help with the vibration. The first is to make sure your quilt is not to tight. You do not want it stretched out tight like a trampoline. Second, make sure the space between the quilt and the throat bed of the machine is not to much. If your take-up roller is set to high, the quilt sandwich will bounce and vibrate. The quilt should just lightly skim the throat plate.
    If this does not help or it is not the problem, please call:
    Technical Solutions
    M-F, 8 am -5 pm MDT

    Good Luck,
    Angie Balling
    Handi Quilter
    Studio Educator
  • Check to be sure that your table/frame is level as this will affect the vibration. It's a pain to go through the process of leveling but it makes all the difference and is worth the effort. Good luck.