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"Spongy" bobbin

I have been around sewing machine for most of my life but I must say that my Avante - that I bought in the spring - does intimidate me!
I have wound several bobbins using a cone of So Fine #50 that was given to me with the machine and the bobbins were fine.
Recently I tried a new spool of So Fine 50 and the bobbin was very spongy. I know this is not good but cannot remember what I am to do with the bobbin winder. I hate to waste more thread if I don't know how to wind it exactly. Is it that I used a 550 yd spool instead of a cone? How can I get the spool pin for the bobbin winder?


  • QuilterCaterer,

    When you are winding a bobbin make sure that your thread is flossed in the tension disks. If it comes out of the disks as it is winding that will make your bobbin spongy. You may need to tighten the tension disks slightly.

    You can rewind the bobbin if you place your spongy bobbin in a glass jar and let it unwind from there onto the new bobbin. That way you are not wasting all that thread.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator
  • QuilterCaterer, I also had this same issue. I found that if I started the winder on 0 then slowly turned it up to 2, no further, it worked perfect. I just cannot go full speed or I get a sponge also. So I keep it slow and get the results I need. Hope this helps
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