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ISO Handi Quilter Sweet 16
  • I am helping a friend find a gently used Sweet 16. We live in Houston, Texas and she would prefer to purchase a machine in the area of Houston or cities close to Houston. She is a member of a local quilt guild that makes charity quilts.

    Looking forward to any replies.
  • Hi Kathy. If you haven't found a Sweet 16 yet, I'm in Austin and I'm selling mine. I bought it two years ago and have rarely used it (not because I don't love it, but because I haven't had the time to quilt all those tops lined up and waiting). I'm only selling it due to divorce. It does not have a stitch regulator (I'm not crazy about the TruStitch and do just fine without it). I'm asking $3900 for the machine, 2 tables (yes, two!), electric bobbin winder, extra bobbins, extra needles, 2 feet (open & closed-toe), tools, manual, and gloves.
  • Micki,

    I am helping a friend find a gently used machine. Please email me your phone number so I can have her call you. She is very interested!

  • Hi Kathy. I sent you my number, just wanted to make sure you got it.
  • Hi Kathy. I have an older HQ Sixteen sit down machine without stitch regulation if your friend has not purchased one yet. I live over in Leesville (Fort Polk) Louisiana...which is about 3 hrs from Houston. I'm selling it for $1500. I actually purchased it from someone in Houston area about a year ago. I'm wanting to upgrade to a larger longarm with a frame and stitch regulation, so I have to sell this one first to start my fund! It's in great shape and I've only used it a few times myself. My e-mail is jennyclark1@live.com if you or your friend would like more info and/or photos. Thanks.