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What are the symptons of a timing problem? My machine is noisy and chatters.

edited August 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I keep reading about this but don't know what would happen if the timing were off. Would it be a problem making the stitches or skipping stitches?

The reason I ask is that my Avante seems noisier than when I purchased it (used) and seems to chatter. At first I thought it would chatter when going over seam allowances but it seems more frequent now.

I've oiled every other bobbin, cleaned lint, etc. Today, I ran the machine after oiling with the needle in but without a bobbin in the bobbin case and it was smooth and very quiet.

Thanks very much for reviewing this question.


  • My machine has always been noisy and chatters. The noises are different from regular mode and regulated. It's normal. If you had timing issues it's my understanding you would have lots of skipped stitches. Timing doesn't just slip, something has to happen for it to slip. I have hit a ruler, my timing is fine. I was very lucky or its because I was going at a snails pace.
  • Many thanks for the replies. I just sold my Sweet Sixteen which had developed a similar issue. Before receiving the replies, I found through watching the timing videos that it wasn't a timing issue. It turned out that my bobbin tension wasn't properly adjusted to the thread (way too tight). Once I made the appropriate adjustment to the bobbin (and upper tension), all was fine. Made the same changes to the Avante and all is well with that too.

    Thanks again for the support.
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