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Can't Use Art & Stitch

edited August 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I want to use the Art & Stitch program, but when I start the program it asks for registration. I fill in all the blanks and go to register and it won't let me register. I'm guessing it is because the Acer needs to be on line. However, despite all attempts at connecting the Acer to one of 4 wi-fi networks that we have available, I never get beyond "limited connectivity" and I can't get on-line. We have attempted going to the acer forums for guidance and they suggest updating the wi-fi adapter drivers. We tried that -- multiple times, exactly following the directions -- and we still are unable to proceed. All other devices in our house are able to connect to multiple wi-fi networks, so we are confident the problem is not in the WAP settings. Is there special guidance you can provide of how to get on-line so that we can register and use the art & stitch program? We're excited about our new HQ18 but extremely frustrated with this issue.


  • I did the same as you at first and found out that you cannot connect your prostitcher tablet to your wi-fi. Reason being that when Microsoft updates windows, as they do frequently, it may play havoc with the Prostitcher software. If you need to download to your tablet, do so to your computer and transfer the files on your usb stick as needed.
    Also for Art and Stitch; did you follow the directions in the front of the quick start guide to the letter? For your tablet you will use the "Off Line" activation in Step 4.You need to contact Art and Stitch to receive the activation key number to activate the program on your tablet. Hope this helps.
  • Megil, thank you that was very helpful! I didn't find the instructions for activation, but just figured it out today after visiting the art and stitch site.
  • I also want to use Art and Stitch so i can pass designs directly back to the ProStitcher. I have received the activation code from A&S after realizing that you cannot use the @ sign in the activation or the button never works. I however cannot get it to work on my tablet at all and have tried it many many times. The button remains grayed out even with the code entered. Can anyone help?
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