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Changing the needle on your Avante

edited September 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I just wondered how often you change your needle? After how many quilts?
Some people make baby quilts while others make queen/king size. Do you go by how many hours or stitches?
I read somewhere every other quilt but wondered what you do? Especially since there's a big difference in usage between a baby and queen size quilt.
Thanks for the input :)


  • Lauriequilts,

    We do recommend that you change your needle with every new project.

    If it is just a baby quilt you probably won't need to change it. If it is a quilt that you are doing very dense quilting on you may need to change it part way through the quilt.

    You want to be sure you needle is good so it doesn't create issues.

    Good luck,

    Cheryl Duncan
    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

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