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Machine for Sale
  • I have a Babylock Jewel for sale. The Jewel is built by Handiquilter, so it is almost identical to the HQ16, except that it has an 18" throat and a little higher stitch speed. It comes with a Grace Pinnacle frame that can be set up as a 10' table or a 5' table. Included are stitch regulation and manual mode, walking stitch, a free standing bobbin winder, ruler base, laser, channel locks, clamps, leaders, all the extra LED lights have been added, extra needles, extra M size bobbins, tool kit, instruction manual, extra tracks for the table, and an instructional DVD. I would be happy to provide any needed instruction. I purchased this machine in 2008 and it has only been used for my personal quilting. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I do have the original box for the machine head to ship in. I am in Washington state. Asking $7250.
    Thank you.
  • I would be willing to sell the machine and table separate if anyone is looking to buy just a machine or just a table. Thank you.