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Filtec Prewound Bobbins

edited November 2013 in General
Anyone on the forum use the Filtec Glide prewound bobbins? I just purchased some at the Houston International Quilt Festival. I have a Handi Quilter 16. The man at Filtec said to remove the anti backlash spring in the bobbin casing before inserting the prewound bobbins. I am confused. I don't think there is a spring in my bobbin casing. Now I am concerned about using them. Any advise?


  • There is a spring, it just doesn't look like a spring. I have avoided buying these because I was concerned about the modification. I probably would buy a back up bobbin if I purchased these. These are the rave on other quilting boards, folks swear by them. I would love to know how these work out for you. I love love love prewound bobbins.
  • I love the Filtec magnetic bobbins and use them all the time. There is a tiny screw inside the bobbin case that you take out, and if I remember correctly, a disc-type part comes loose. I saved this part and the screw, "just in case"... but don't think I will ever go back to winding my own bobbins. The magnetic ones work so much better, and they have so much more thread than my "home wound" bobbins. I even use the magnetic bobbins in my ancient (probably 35 years old) Pfaff domestic machine, which stitches beautifully with them.
  • I use the magnetic bobbins all the time and just place them inside the bobbin case in my Avante 18 which work very well
    I am wondering why people are removing screws, or the back lash.
  • I use these all the time in my Avante. I did not remove the spring, just use them as is. They are fabulous!
  • I have used them in my HQ Sweet 16 and never remove any screw or spring. They work fine. I would try them without doing any alterations to your bobbin case and see how they work first before doing "surgery"!
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