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Thread skipping

edited December 2013 in Ask An HQ Expert
I am almost all the way done with a full size quilt and suddenly I am getting skipped stitches. I have done a diagnostic test for Y motion and it passes. I feel like the tension is correct and the machine is properly threaded. Any ideas on what could be suddenly be causing this would be greatly appreciated!


  • Did you try changing the needle? It's one of the things that can go wrong partway through a project.
  • No, I haven't changed the needle, I will try it. Thanks!
  • May I chime in? I've had my Avante a few months and never had a problem until recently. Had a needle break and lodge in the bobbin case. This was removed and machine retimed by dealer/tech John. I've been away and now trying to quilt and any little curl to the left (from right to left) is skipping stitches. Did the whole deal clean-oil-thread-bobbin-tensions- sandwich- and adjusted needle as far as 5 isn and I'm still skipping stitches. Timing issue?
  • tlstls
    edited December 2013
    Tried rotating needle with no luck. I am thinking I may have a timing issue.
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