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  • imaquilter
    Would you consider a HQ16 w/SR,Upgrades: front handles with tilt screen, newer rails/carriage, poles marked leaders. Additional items: Micro handles, ruler base, zippers for the leaders, laser light, template board stylus(quilt-ez brand), bobbin winder, open toe foot. I will include one set of Quilt-EZ boards.
    May 2014
  • Debbie
    Krisl - missed some of the info so I am adding it • High-speed rotary hook with large capacity • 12-foot frame • Color touch screens on front and back handlebars • Set your preferred settings • Needle position control • Stitch counters • Integrated, adjustable laser light for use with pantographs • Use any thread you want Additions included Extra bobbin case Oil for Machine maintenance 10 M-class bobbins Cross hatching Rulers Needles in sizes 16, 18, 19, 20 Bobbin winder Ruler Base Ruler for stitch in the ditch Channel Locks Horizontal spool holder
    May 2014
  • Debbie
    Krisl - I have a 2010 avante that I am selling. It has only been used to quilt my own quilts and less than 50 quilts since I have owned it. I bought it new from by LQS . I have attached the sheet that I prepared. There are over 140 needles in various sizes and a few pantographs to start you off. I have the boxes that it arrived in so shipping is a possibility. Thanks for looking Debbie 2010 Handiquilter Avante Asking $6500.00 • 18-inch throat for all your projects: quilt from crib to king with ease • Speeds up to 1800 precision stitches per minute • Consistent stitch quality from 4 stitches-per-inch up to 18 stitches-per-inch • Quickly switch from manual to stitch regulation • Choose between two modes of stitch regulation: Precision and Cruise • Large M-class bobbin • HQ Precision-Glide track system on HQ Studio Frame; load and quilt with no additional adjustment needed • Precision-Glide track for effortless quilting • High-speed rotary hook with l
    May 2014
  • tls
    Krisl - I purchased the machine at MQS in Overland Park in 2011 from Quilter's Haven, it was used in the classroom there. It does not have wheels, however, I am including over $ 1,000 worth of accessories, as follows: Battery back-up/surge protector Towa Bobbin Case Tension Gauge HQ Ruler Base HQ Circle Templates - set of 6 Stitch in the Ditch Ruler HQ mini ruler Bobbin winder 12' Gel Pro mat Open toe hopping foot Closed toe hopping foot Groovy Boards (2 - crosshatch) Groovy Board Stylus & Adapter Quilt pounce with powder 10 spools of thread Pantograph & Groove Boards DVD Channel lock clamps (2) Large straight pins I have only quilted about 6 quilts on it, the majority being crib size.
    April 2014
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    Welcome Aboard!
    April 2014